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Downsize and Organize Your Digital Clutter

What's worse - physical or digital clutter? Sorry, that was a trick question! While digital clutter is generally only visible to ourselves, it can take the same toll as physical clutter on our emotional health and well-being not to mention our daily productivity....

Simple Solutions to Declutter and Organize Your Hobby Room

This is a guest blog post jointly written with the good folks at Hobby rooms are special places. It’s where creative minds go to unwind and make artistic visions come alive. But is your hobby space inviting you in or keeping you out? It’s hard to...

Decluttering and the Fear of Waste

While I was shopping in a thrift store in my area, I found a book called Simplify your Life by a German author Werner Tiki Küstenmacher. He gave useful tips on how to simplify different areas of our lives and he started with the idea of decluttering and letting go of...