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Selling Clothes Online: 6 Simple Steps for Getting Top Dollar

When’s the last time you “edited” your wardrobe? Do you keep putting it off because it seems like a daunting task? What if you could get paid to do it? With so many options available for selling clothes online, the thought of extra cash might be just the push you need to finally tackle your [...]


Organizing for Tax Time

In our household, I’m the keeper of all receipts, statements, and other documentation needed for organizing and filing our taxes. In early 2013, as we prepared to hit the road as full-time RVers, I realized that we didn’t have room to take all of our tax documentation for three full tax years plus the current [...]


Letting Go to Create a Richer Life

It seems like we spend the first half of our lives accumulating stuff we just had to have (!) — and the second half trying to get rid of it. I received several messages recently from readers who have reached a point in their lives where they are finally ready to let go of the [...]