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Prepping Your Home for [Blank]

Prepping. Is that the same as organizing? Well, no. But if you prep or prepare your home for something, you and your home will be more organized as a result. You can prep your home for guests or for an upcoming holiday event at your home. You can prep it for a move,...

Easy Organizing Trick – Label Everything

If you want to organize your home and keep it organized (and I know you do), I have two words for you. Label everything. Labeling is one of the simplest, yet most effective organizing tricks. Why? Because it creates a visual cue to put things where they belong. Start...

7 Rs of Eco-Organizing

I asked professional eco-organizer, Julie Coraccio, to share some easy tips to help you go green when letting go of clutter while also preventing clutter from building. Every little thing you do can make a big difference. Here are Julie’s 7 Rs of eco-organizing....