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7 Rs of Eco-Organizing

I asked professional eco-organizer, Julie Coraccio, to share some easy tips to help you go green when letting go of clutter while also preventing clutter from building. Every little thing you do can make a big difference. Here are Julie’s 7 Rs of eco-organizing....

Decluttering and the Broken Windows Theory

Bright and early one morning, I went into a Super WalMart store and was greeted by dozens of shopping carts filled with all kinds of stuff. The carts lined the entire front end of the store and workers were busy moving items from one cart to another. I wondered what...

Paper Piles and Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD)

As a professional organizer, I work with a lot of clients who struggle with anxiety and a sense of heaviness related to piles of paper. They often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control. Through the years of purging piles and clearing clutter with my...