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Shout-out to Becoming Minimalist

A member of my organizing support group on Facebook recently posted this quote from Joshua Becker: We can never fully know how much of a burden our possessions have become until we begin to remove them. I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Becker this week. The...

Listen Up!

  I was asked recently – twice in one day in fact! – if any of my books are available in audio format. The answer is “no, not at this time.” That question got me thinking that instead of reading tips in today’s blog post, you might...

A Happy Ending to Paper Clutter

I look forward to decluttering as much as I would look forward to delousing, which is not at all. But having started the ball rolling last year by cleaning out my unmanageable file cabinet in the garage, I decided that as part of my 2015 resolution, I should pick...