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declutter_book_210 amazon_buy_button It pays to unclutter. What’s in your closets, garage, basement and attic that’s just taking up space? I’m talking about things you no longer love or use. That’s what I call clutter.



Get 500 tips for cleaning smarter, not harder. The cleanliness and order you crave can be achieved in minutes a day. Learn how in this abridged version of Cleaning Plain & Simple.



Hundreds of solutions for cleaning everything in and around the home, from the kitchen sink and the barbeque grill to the toilet and the car.

7SimpleSteps to UncYL_210x300amazon_buy_button Practical and inspirational advice on managing time, money, work, health, and relationships.



Donna Smallin Kuper is at it again and this time she’s out to conquer clutter A to Z! Here’s a handy, no-nonsense guide packed with hundreds of Smallin’s favorite tips for storing everything from addresses to zinnia seeds.



Amid the anxiety and clutter that threaten to overwhelm daily life, discover hundreds of simple ways to clear your head and become wiser about how you spend your time and energy.



500 quick tips and solutions for getting your life in order! This “Plain & Simple” guide is based on the premise that you don’t have to stop everything to get organized; you just have to start.


Hundreds of practical ideas for sorting, evaluating, and getting rid of all those material items that get in the way of a simplified lifestyle.

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