I remember washing dishes one night when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I was really frustrated and called out to my mother because I just couldn’t seem to get this one pan clean. She replied, “Try a little elbow grease!” Hmmm, I thought. I wonder where she keeps that? LOL!

As a certified House Cleaning Technician, I’ve tested a lot of cleaning products from a variety of manufacturers. Some of my favorite cleaning products are from a Michigan-based company called Armaly. They’re the makers of Brillo products. You’re probably familiar with good old-fashioned Brillo Steel Wood Soap Pads – who isn’t? You’ve got to like the way they cut through tough messes – whether it’s rice you accidentally burned to the bottom of your favorite pot or for cleaning the drip pans on your electric stove top. 

But here’s another use for Brillo pads that can actually help keep you and your family safe from harm. You’ve probably heard that grill brush bristles can fall off and be left behind on the grate. That’s dangerous because those bristles can get caught in food, resulting in accidental ingestion and hospitalization. To eliminate that potential hazard, scrub your grill grate with a Brillo pad and a little water and then rinse.

By the way, I discovered awhile ago that Brillo soap pads are also the fastest, easiest way to clean soap scum off your glass shower doors and walls! Just wet the pad and wipe. Then rinse. Job done!

Brillo also makes a line of Estracell® sponges with a unique cell structure that rinses cleaner and dries out faster, eliminating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungal growth that cellulose sponges create. I use the No Scratch Scrub Sponge with Wedge Edge to rid my bathroom and kitchen of germs and leave every surface sparkling clean. The no scratch material is designed to clean delicate surfaces including non-stick cookware, glassware and countertops. The  wedge edge reaches deeper into those tough areas with its unique shape to clean cracks and cervices on countertops and in shower stalls.

Another type of sponge I use often is the eraser type sponge. Have you ever tried one? Funny story, I was using a Brillo Erase & Wipe sponge to wipe off black scuff marks on a wall when my husband came walking by and asked what I was doing. He said, “Let me try that.” He thought he was going to have to re-paint the wall, so he was thrilled – and so was I because he finished the job for me.

But did you know that you’re supposed to rinse after using an eraser-type sponge? Otherwise, you’re leaving behind a harmful residue on the surface. The Brillo Erase & Wipe has a white side that is the erasing side and the purple side contains the Estracell® More Sanitary wiping layer to wipe away residue. Because of the unique cell structure of the erasing side, no chemicals are needed, just water. These sponges make quick work of cleaning coffee stains from inside coffee cups not to mention cleaning dirty fingerprints from around doorknobs.

A few years ago, at the annual Home and Housewares Association Show in Chicago, I watched a demonstration of Brillo’s newest invention – the Brillo Sweep & Mop. This mop can be used to “sweep” up dust, debris, even pet hair with the dry mop pad.

When you want to wet mop your floor, you just press the mop head into the box of wet pads and let Brillo’s Deep Clean Estracell sponge clean up dirt fast to let the beauty of your floors can shine through. I have since tried this mop in my home and what I love is that it’s fast and easy, the swivel head lets you get under and into tight spots and it leaves no residue behind.

Watch this quick video to see the amazing Brillo Sweep & Mop in action!

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