Are you tired of going on a weekly hunt to find the basketball for practice? Does your sports gear organization consist of a closet that has to be closed quickly before everything falls out? If so, you may need to think of a better system. Here are 4 tips to get you started!

Collect: Go through your garage and your home and collect all of the sports gear you find. Baseballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, rock-climbing gear, everything. Collecting all of the sports gear will help you to see everything and know what to do with each item.

Giveaway And Donate: After you have collected all of the sports gear in your home, take a look at what still is and isn’t being used. For example, do you still have the baseball glove your son used for little league? This is something that would go in the giveaway/donate pile. Do you see any broken items? Throw away anything broke. Then take the giveaway/donate pile and ask family and neighbors if there is anything they need from it. Donate anything left in the box.

Organization Tools: Now that you have only what you need to store, start assessing where and what you will need to store the gear that is left. Is it something that is seasonal, or used all year? If it is something that is used all year, try storing it at eye level; this will increase the probability of the item getting put back everyday after use.

Once you have a plan where things should be stored, start thinking of what organization tools you will need to store them. Sports bags, ball bags, and hooks are a great affordable way to get all of that gear off the ground, but still keeping it accessible. If your family has multiple bikes, you may also want to look into a bike rack to keep bikes off the floor but easy to get to. If you have cabinets, use clear containers on shelves to store tennis balls, golf balls, baseball gloves, etc.

Create New Homes And Label: Once you have purchased or found what you are going to use to store your items, start placing the sports gear in its new home. Then, start labeling! Labeling each container or spot will help your family put things away. If you have younger children that can’t read yet, try placing pictures along with the word so they can know where to find things – and where they belong when not in use.

Samantha - Monkey Bar StorageSamantha Marchello is the community manager
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