The change of seasons is a good time to clean out your closet. As you put away your winter clothes, be honest with yourself about what to keep. If you didn’t wear something once all last winter, you’re not likely to wear it next year. Seriously consider letting it go to make more room for the things you do wear and love.

I have this one pullover blouse that I bought about 12 years ago. Every time I clean out my closet, I think maybe it’s time to let it go. But I still love it and wear it and get compliments on it. So it’s a “keeper.”

I actually clean out my closet and drawers pretty regularly. My rule is that when I buy something new, something has to go. I noticed the other day that 3-4 pairs of socks I wear for exercise had holes in the toes. So I bought four new pairs and tossed the old ones. A similar trick of mine is to keep only as many hangers as I need to hang things in my closet. If I buy something new, I need to let go of something so I have a free hanger.

If your cast-offs are in good condition, donate them. The easiest way to do that is to schedule a pickup at, an organization that generates funds to help Vietnam Veterans of America. It’s a good feeling to know that you are helping others. Alternately, you may decide to sell items at a nearby consignment store and use whatever you make to pay down debt, pad your bank account, or shop for new clothes where you sold your old ones.

Schedule some time to go through your closet and pare down your wardrobe. Pull out your favorite items of clothing – the keepers. If you have to think more than a few seconds about what to keep and what to toss, you probably won’t miss it if you toss it in the donate/sell pile.

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Need more help making those tough decisions? Below is a flowchart from Tommy John, a men’s underwear company, that will simplify your decision-making. What do you think? Is it helpful