Santa gets organized, making a list


The countdown is on.

Are you ready for the holidays? List making can help keep you organized – and sane – during the busy season ahead.

Make a list and check it twice

I’m a firm believer in making lists. When the winter holidays roll around, I make two special lists in addition to my regular grocery and to-do lists.

The first special list is my gift giving list. I start by listing names and then next to each name, I list gift ideas. I also make a list of the holiday appetizers, entrees, and desserts I want to prepare for my family and guests – and the items I need to purchase. I make and keep these lists in a small notebook that I carry in my purse so I can add to it whenever inspiration strikes and refer to it when I’m out and about.

Now’s the time to get planning

If you’re having a hard time getting started early on Christmas planning or just prefer to wait until the holiday season is in full swing, you might want to take a look at a new ebook written just for you by my friend, Jennifer Tankersley.

30daystochristmasbook_cover_and_binder_edge 30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition includes a daily task, activity, or reminder, plus a daily checklist to help you stay on track of your Christmas planning and 15 more lists to help you stay on track.

Available in PDF format for just $8, this book includes a calendar synopsis of the 30 days to Christmas, plus a daily checklist. It begins November 25 and walks you through all of the major to-dos of Christmas planning.  Read an excerpt here…

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