Holiday Organizing Part 2 – Top 10 “Before You Do Anything” Tips

Beginning_to_Look_More_SpaciousI was contacted recently by a writer for who was writing an article about holiday organizing. She wanted some tips on “what to do before you do anything.”

That article was just published today and if you want to read it, you can check it out here. It will take you all of 3 minutes read and you might just save yourself some headaches as well as time and money this holiday season.

I’m curious. If you were asked for your favorite “before you do anything” tip when getting ready for the holidays, what would it be?

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  1. I appreciate the important pre-holiday tip you gave of putting away some of the regular decor in the living room etc .in order to set a better stage for the holiday items one will display as decoration – the simplicity and common sense of that tip very much underplays what an immense difference it will make in the overall effect . Clearing out clutter will always highlight beauty and create a sense of grace and order one wishes to have.


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