As we head into the busy holiday shopping season, here’s something to keep in mind: 1 out of 4 gifts never get used.

So what do our friends and family members really want? 81 percent of Americans would rather receive experience-based gifts — like concert tickets, yoga classes, a restaurant gift certificate, or a museum membership.

These are just two of the eye-opening statistics from the Sparefoot Holiday and New Years Survey conducted on behalf of my friends at, the place to find the best deals on self-storage and full-service storage.

Read on and tell me: Do these results ring true for you?

If you had been contacted for this survey, would you agree that you’d prefer receiving an experience-based gift? Like what? (Maybe you can start dropping some hints so that you don’t end up with unwanted gifts that just add to your clutter!)

How Extra Stuff Weighs You Down