Tips & Inspiration for Organizing a Simpler Life
July 2012 – Vol. 11 No. 7

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci

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Don’t toss those memories!

Memories should be cherished, right? But do you need to save stuff to preserve those memories?

What do you do if you have an abundance of memories in the form of physical items such as t-shirts, travel souvenirs, greeting cards and postcards, children’s artwork, concert tickets, and other items you can’t bear to part with?

One day, as Michelle Rubin was packing up her son’s outgrown clothing, she realized that she couldn’t put the lid on the box. Instead she wanted to reminisce over each piece of clothing.

Then it came to her. Why not use his clothing to make a blanket that could hold those childhood memories for a lifetime? That idea sparked the launch of Willow Creek Studio. I’ve had quilts made from t-shirts several times and it truly is a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured

Here’s a really neat idea for concert tickets, travel postcards, maps, and other paper memorabilia. Have a piece of tempered glass cut to fit over a wood coffee or end table or even a patio wicker table. Then place the items under the glass where you and others can enjoy the walk down memory lane. You could also laminate concert tickets or travel postcards to use as bookmarks.

I happen to be a big card sender and also love Getting cards. I have card tree on the top shelf of a bookcase in my office where I display my favorites. I also keep some in my Card Keeper. This is a folio that’s specially designed for storing greeting cards and postcards.

FYI, I don’t keep greeting cards on hand to send; I have an account with SendOutCards where I can send greeting cards 24/7 for just 62 cents each plus postage. I actually bought my card tree from the SendOutCards gift catalog (Home Décor section) and have given several of them as gifts.

Here’s another thing I’ve done with Christmas cards for decades now. After the holidays are over, I re-read all the cards I received and then cut them up into gift tags to use next year.

One of my favorite things to do with children’s artwork is to scan your favorites and upload to one of many services that let you create calendars, posters, mugs, and more. (If you have a SendOutCards account, you also have access to the SendOutCards Photo Store.)

I saved an old silver clarinet for years with the intention to make it into a lamp. I finally decided I was never going to get around to it and recently sold it.

What are some of the creative ways you’ve found to preserve your memorabilia? Write to me at donna@unclutter.com.

You knew about this, right?

I’ve been writing this newsletter for 11 years now and I archive all the old issues on my website. Did you know that you can search the archives for tips on various subjects? Yup.

Go to www.unclutter.com and scroll down on the Home page. You’ll see a search box at the bottom right of the screen where you can enter a keyword or phrase and voila! Up comes all the newsletters that cover that topic.

Favorite organizing products and resources

As a professional organizer for the last 10 years, I’ve used and recommended a lot of organizing products, services and resources. Every month, in this column, I share my

Last month, I introduced you to Getting Organized, a new magazine for those of us who want to learn more about how to get organized and stay organized. The magazine just launched “30 Days of Give-Aways” and the program runs through August 23. Every day for 30 days, one lucky subscriber will win. Maybe you will be one of them!

This month, I’d like to share with you a new online catalog of sweet and sassy office organizing products from Office Candy. I met the owners at the annual conference of professional organizers earlier this year and let me tell you, they’ve got some really stylish and fun products.

I’m a firm believer that if you have organizing tools you love, you’re more likely to WANT to use them. I personally love colorful notebooks and folders. No plain manila folders for me! And what do you know? I just looked and Office Candy has many of those items, plus others, on sale right now! Sweet!

For a look at more of my organizing favorites, visit www.unclutter.com/favorites.

Shameless promotion: A little help for my friends

First things first. I promised in the last issue of this newsletter that the paperback version of my latest book would be available by the time I published this newsletter.

It took a little longer than I expected, but How to Declutter and Make Money Now is finally in print! Or would you rather have the Kindle version? You can get that here – even if you don’t have a Kindle!

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And now, for all of you who have been meaning for months to organize your closet, here’s an article with a few of my favorite tips.

That’s all for this month. Until next month, keep it simple.

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