Tips & Inspiration for Organizing a Simpler Life October 2011 – Vol. 10 No. 9
For things to change, you have to change.
~Kurt Mortensen

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Giving yourself the slight edge I’m reading a book right now – actually I’m listening to the audiobook in my car – and it’s seriously changing my life for the better.

It’s The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The author proposes that it’s not so much the big events that shape and direct our lives but the small, seemingly insignificant choices we make every day that have the bigger impact.

By doing small “right” activities over time, we have the potential to become massively successful at anything, thanks to the compounding effect of our actions.

The good news is that these “right” activities are very easy to do. The bad news is that they are also easy NOT to do.

Olson cites the example of diet and exercise. If you eat a salad for lunch or go for a walk today, does that make you healthy? No. If you choose to eat a greasy hamburger instead, does that make you unhealthy? No. But what if you made one of these choices EVERY day? Would one make you healthier and the other make you unhealthier? Absolutely.

So let’s apply this philosophy to organizing.
What easy little thing can you do each day that will compound over time into a more organized life?

What if you took a few minutes to make a to-do list for tomorrow and you did that every day?

What if you get in the habit of setting things down where they belong rather than on the handiest surface?

What if you spent 5 minutes picking things up and putting them where they belong before you go to bed each night?

What if you set up a folder for bills that need to be paid and got into the habit of opening mail daily and putting bills to be paid in that folder? Do you think that might prevent bills from getting misplaced and paid late which means unnecessary late fees?

What if before buying something, you stopped to ask yourself if you really need it or just want it? Would that maybe help to eliminate future clutter that you have to deal with?

Olson says it’s not a matter of willpower, but a matter of knowing and believing that what you do today and tomorrow and the day after will lead you toward your vision of a more organized life – over time.

So many of us see time as our enemy. Let’s instead decide what we want and then make time our friend!

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Every month, in this column, I share my favorites.

Last month, I shared with you how I use 3M Command brand products for organizing plastic storage container lids and organizing purses in your closet.

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