November is the start of the holiday season, which means that friends and family will be ringing your doorbell throughout the next couple months. But are you starting to panic with the thought of guests visiting your home, seeing your mess? Don’t fret! It’s time to join the JOY (Just Organize Yourself) Challenge.

JOY-LOGO2-smallHoliday JOY Challenge: Organize Your Entryway

When your guests arrive on your doorstep, the entryway sets the tone for their experience in your home. Is the area clutter-free? Is the space organized and well planned? Is it warm and welcoming? First impressions count!

Whether you have a back-entry mudroom, front entry with closet, or a teeny-tiny entryway with no closet, the JOY Challenge will provide tips for all types of spaces. You’ll need to clear the way for guests’ coats, and no matter where you live, winter is on the way, so boots (whether rain or snow) are coming! Not to mention finding a home for hats, mittens, scarves, and bags. Luckily, the challenge provides a super simple plan to get that entryway in tip-top shape.

This season’s challenge will help you maximize the space you have in the entryway and make sure everything you keep there is helpful and intentional. You’ll be guided to clear out the hall closet if you have one, or create lovely storage space if you don’t. You’ll even receive design tips to make this space gorgeous for you and your holiday guests! You’ll see this space whipped into shape in no time, and your entryway will give you (and your guests) a warm greeting each time you come through the door.

When you sign up for the Holiday JOY Challenge, you’ll get access to a private Pinterest page (that shows products, projects, space layouts, and DIYs), and a private FB group where you can ask questions, share challenges, and join in the camaraderie as you work through your space.

You’ll also receive clear, concise handouts that explain a veteran professional organizer’s proven-to-work organizing process and tips. There is no pressure—you work at your own pace, and can ask questions at any time. You’ll also receive helpful (and inspiring) downloadables throughout the challenge to keep you motivated.

The JOY Challenge is a fun way to get organized just in time for the busy holiday season. You can work on the challenge any time between mid-November and mid-December, but sign up now so you get all the goodies! Join us and feel confident as you welcome holiday guests into your home.

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sarapedersenAbout the JOY Challenge Creator: Sara Pedersen, Professional Organizer, lives in Shoreview, Minnesota with her husband, two children, and tabby cat, Mulligan. Since 2000, her organizing company, Time to Organize, has offered hands-on organizing assistance for countless Twin Cities residents. She helps them organize, simplify, and discover time to do the things they love. She also coaches new and prospective professional organizers. When she’s not working with clients, she enjoys finding new and creative ways to organize and decorate her home! She also loves to dig in the garden, take evening walks, eat chocolate, and explore the North Shore of Minnesota.

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