medium_3675554087When’s the last time you “edited” your wardrobe? Do you keep putting it off because it seems like a daunting task? What if you could get paid to do it?

With so many options available for selling clothes online, the thought of extra cash might be just the push you need to finally tackle your overflowing closet. You can sell on your own through eBay or take advantage of sites like that pay cash for items you are no longer wearing. Either way, following these six simple steps will put more cash in your pocket.

 1. Clean and Press

Wrinkles create the illusion that your item has not been well cared for or may be hiding flaws. Pull out that ironing board or steamer and quickly smooth out any wrinkles before photographing it.

2. Take Good Pictures

You don’t need a fancy camera, but a plain background, natural lighting, and no flash are essential to depict the true colors and condition of the item. Put a removable adhesive hook on the wall to hold the hanger as you take the photos and open your blinds to let the natural light in.

 3. Write a Catchy Headline

Maximize the impact of your title, the headline for your ad. Think in terms of what buyers are looking for. A catchy title will include the brand, style, material (if relevant), and size. For example, the title for a pair of shoes may read “Kate Spade Patent Leather Ballet Flat Shoes Size 8.” Using similar keywords, such as both “ballet flat” and “shoes” will make your listing show up in searches for both of those keywords, resulting in more visibility.

 4. Provide as Many Details as Possible

Be specific about any flaws no matter how big or small. Little details like how many times you used the item, when and where you purchased it, and the original price can help ease a buyer’s concerns. Avoid vague descriptions like “very good condition” or “like new” as these phrases are often interpreted differently from person to person.

 5. Keep the Receipt/Tag/Box

For higher valued items, like designer handbags and shoes, make a habit of keeping the original tag and receipt in a pocket of the bag or the box the shoes came in. Include a photograph of the receipt or tag and/or box in your listing. The receipt not only helps prove the authenticity of the items you are selling, but also documents the original retail price. This extra information helps a buyer realize the savings they are receiving from buying a pre-owned item.

 6. Fast Forward to Summer

In the latter months of a long winter, shoppers tend to start daydreaming about their summer vacations and sunny weather. Take advantage of this and have your warmer weather styles ready to sell before the temperatures begin to rise. The best time of year to sell your spring and summer styles is between February and June.

headshots_04 webMandy Roberson is the founder of, an Internet-based buying site that pays cash for pre-owned designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. She specializes in helping busy professionals in the Phoenix area and across the United States edit their wardrobes and earn extra cash for their next shopping trip. You can find more tips on editing your wardrobe here.