photo credit: gwen via photopin cc

photo credit: gwen via photopin cc

You know I’m a cleaning and organizing expert. But if you think I ENJOY cleaning, you’ve got another think coming!

The truth is that there are a LOT of things I’d rather be doing. But I do love a clean home. Luckily, I’ve figured out how to have both.

In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favorite cleaning tips and tools to help you get your spring cleaning done, so you can get out and have some fun!

10 Tips for Fast, Easy Spring Cleaning

Recruit help. Make a list of chores that need doing. Ask family members to commit to at least one. Hire out big jobs like window and carpet cleaning.

Zoom, zoom. Remove clutter from floors, coffee tables, and other horizontal surfaces before you start cleaning so you can zoom through each room. (Try using a laundry basket as your clutter collector.)

If it’s not dirty, don’t clean it. Spot clean visible dirt and smudges and skip cleaning walls, inside windows, and hardwood floors if they look okay. (I love those eraser-type cleaning sponges for wiping marks from walls, moldings, and around door handles and knobs.)

Start high. Dust ceiling fans and corners, door and window moldings with a long-handled duster or broom. Clean lighting fixtures. The last thing you should clean in any room is the floor.

Go low. Move furniture and large appliances so you can vacuum underneath and behind. Roll up large area rugs and vacuum underneath.

Try the one-tool rule. Grab what you need to tackle a specific cleaning project throughout your home. Done? Put that tool away. Grab another.

Dream clean. Before going to bed, set your oven to self clean. Pour toilet cleaner in toilet bowls, then just brush and flush in the morning.

Do it room by room. Plan to clean one room at a time or for just 30 minutes a day until the job’s done.

Don’t forget. Remove and wipe smoke detector covers with a damp cloth. Vacuum the interior and replace batteries. Change furnace/air conditioning filters.

Plan your reward. Treat yourself to fresh flowers for your table, a massage or pedicure – or invite a friend for coffee to show off your sparkling clean home.

Once you get your home all spring cleaned, then what? One thing I’ve learned the hard way… it’s a lot easier to keep up than to catch up.

Imagine if you only washed dishes once a week. Not only would that  chore be quite daunting, it would also be more work and take more time because you’d have to clean dried-on food from those dishes. The same is true for  many household cleaning chores such as cleaning sinks, tubs, and countertops. A quick wipe will clean up a drip or spill that would otherwise harden and require more effort.

I find I can get in a little cleaning each day while I am in “wait” mode. For example, while I’m waiting for water to boil to cook spaghetti, I can clean the front of my kitchen cabinets, clean out a junk drawer, or sort through mail with the aim to recycle as much as possible.

I keep things picked up (because an uncluttered home looks a lot cleaner!) and then I do a full house cleaning every other week. Each time I clean, I pick one extra job that needs doing occasionally like cleaning dust and cobwebs from ceiling corners and light fixtures.

3 Tough Cleaning Problems – Solved!

I recently discovered a really easy way to clean glass shower doors – with a Brillo steel wool soap pad! I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no, it will not scratch the glass. Just get the pad nice and wet and use it to wipe away soap scum and water spots in a matter of minutes. Rinse with the shower sprayer or a wet towel and that’s one tough job you can check off your to-do list. BONUS TIP: Keep the glass cleaner longer by giving it a quick wipe with a shower squeegee after every shower.

The best way I’ve found to clean a stainless steel refrigerator is with a citrus-based furniture polish. It not only cleans water spots, streaks and smudges, but also leaves behind a slightly oily finish that helps to repel them.

I still think that the absolute best way to clean floors is on your hands and knees with a bucket of suds and a scrubbing brush…not! No, I’m a big fan of cleaning hard floors with a steam mop. I’ve tried a few and my favorite is the new Reliable Steamboy PRO T3 Steam Mop. It does a super job of cleaning my wood floors and can also be used to clean and sanitize linoleum or tile floor – and even clean grout – without chemicals. When you’re done, you just toss the microfiber pad in the wash.

What’s your favorite cleaning tip or tool?