I love reading reviews of my books on Amazon. Following is an excerpt from a review of The One-Minute Organizer that included the top 10 tips he/she found personally useful:

1. Organize paper in two passes: First gather, then file.

2. Get rid of everything you haven’t used in, say, six months.

3. Pretend you are moving–what would you be willing to pack and carry?

4. Join a clutter support group through Messies Anonymous or Clutterers Anonymous (Me: or Organizing Support Group on Facebook).

5. Take pictures of your kids holding their art projects. Keep the pics, toss the art. (Me: Or scan artwork.)

6. On your desk keep only what you use daily.

7. Fasten related papers with staples, not paper clips.

8. Labeled paper grocery bags cut down to 6″ are great sorting bins.

9. Plan a buffer around each activity in your daily schedule.

10. Finish your work day by writing a to-do list for the next day.

Questions? Comments?